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  Triton FT 7000
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For more than a decade, Triton has led the way in delivering high quality, low-cost ATMs. With the FT7000 family of ATMs, Triton introduces a completely new line of terminals, designed to meet the requirements of any financial institution, large or small. With a total cost of ownership far less than traditional offerings, the FT7000 can help you expand your ATM network without breaking your budget. The design of the 7000 family allows you to easily configure your ATM estate to match the needs of your customer base today, yet be ready for any upgrade in the future.

The FT7000 platform is based on an industrial-grade PC, running the Intel Pentium IV processor and Microsoft Windows XP Pro Operating System. When outfitted with Prism, Triton’s open platform software, your FT7000 ATM is fully XFS compliant. Emulation support is also available for both Diebold 912 and NCR NDC+, assuring seamless integration into virtually any existing ATM network. However, the ease of use and built-in power of Prism makes the FT7000 the easiest full-function ATM to configure, customize and support Expensive professional services are not required to make your FT7000 look like it was built just for you.

Triton's Prism ATM software provides banks and credit unions with a simple HTML interface for customized screen content. As a result, you can cost effectively develop new Web services and deploy them easily across your entire network.

The FT7000 family can be configured at the factory to support an envelope depository with an optional envelope dispenser, a two-sided check scanner, and other innovative financial service essentials. Furthermore, all these options can be added in the field at any time without incurring any reconfiguration costs. The Prism platform provides software support for all of these peripherals, so your system is fully integrated and ready to go.

Slated for release in early 2006, the FT7000 features a vivid 15-inch color display with 1024 x 768 XGA resolution. The display is ideal for branding and cross promoting other financial services and products and the touch screen option is suitable for indoor or outdoor placement.

Whether a walk-up or drive-through model, your FT7000 can be retrofitted into virtually any existing through-the-wall opening. The FT7000 is compliant with all security standards and also features security mirrors and a camera port for protecting every customer, every transaction.

Triton ATMs can be added to your existing fleet and reduce your overall costs. Once again Triton has lowered the cost for ATM ownership and raised the bar of ATM performance.


• 15.1" (384 mm) XGA Color LCD; 1,024 x 768 Resolution
• Vandal-Proof Glass (standard)
· - Sunlight Readable (optional)
· - Privacy Filter (optional)
· - Touch Screen (optional)
• User Lighting
• Camera Port· 1/3" LCD Color Camera (optional)
· - 420 Line Resolution
· - Low Light Capability
· - NTSC or PAL Output
• Depository
· - Envelope Depository Unit (optional)
· - Envelope Dispenser (optional)
• Check Scanner
· - Single Document, Two-Sided Scanning (optional)
· - Accept or Reject Capability
•Two to Four Cassettes
· - 3,000 Notes Per Cassette
· - 7 Notes Per Second
· - Bulk Presentation with Shutter
· - Retract Capability
•Dip Card Reader
. - Dip EMV Smart Card Reader (optional)
· - Motorized EMV Card Reader; Track 1, 2, 3 Read (optional)
· - Motorized EMV Card Encoder; Track 1, 2, 3 Read; Track 3 Write (optional)
•Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP)
. -Triple DES Compliant,
. - PCI / Visa Compliant,
. - Metal EPP (standard) with Integral Heating (optional)
•Printing 80 MM Wide Thermal Paper on 10" (254 mm) Roll
. - Receipt Present and Retract Feature
. - Black-Mark Paper Pre-Printed, Receipts Journal Printer (optional)
•10.4" (264 mm) SVGA Color LCD Rear Service Panel
. - 800 x 600 Resolution
. - Keyboard Mouse
•UL 291 Level 1 Safe Standard; UL 291 Business Hours Cabinet (optional)
•La Gard Electronic Lock or Kaba Mas Cencon Lock (optional)
•TCP/IP Communications (standard)
•SNA/SDLC Lease Line (optional)
•Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant
•Multi-Lingual Capabilities
. - Walk- Up Depth: 44.5"(1,131 mm) for Walls as Thick as 14.3" (364 mm)
· - Drive-up Depth: 40.5" (1029 MM) for Walls as Thick as 8" (203 mm)
· - Width: 32.4" (822 mm)
· - Height: 56" (1,422 mm)
· - Weight: 600 lbs (272 kg) Weight Varies with Options
•Advertising Revenue Potential:
· - Decals and Signage
· - Couponing
· - Display Graphics


•Intel® Pentium IV™
· - Microsoft® Windows® XP
· - 40 GB Hard Drive (expandable)
· - 256 MB SDRAM (expandable)
· - Six USB Master Ports
· - One Parallel Port
· - Six Serial Ports
· - Two 32-bit PCI Expansion Slots
•Stereo Speakers
•Software Options
· - XFS Compliance
· - Emulation


· - Vault/Electronics: 50 to 104 F (10 to 40 C)
· - External: -30 to 122 F (-35 to 50 C)
•Relative Humidity: 20 to 80% Non-Condensing
•Power Consumption:
· - 8.0 A Max @ 115 VAC at 60 Hz
· - 4.0 A Max @ 230 VAC at 50 Hz


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