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  Tidel 3700
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Your location may not serve 24/7, but that doesn't mean your customers can't have access to cash. The 3700 was designed to provide financial institutions and retailers the convenience of 24-hour access to cash in a secure and affordable platform. This fully-weatherized ATM has been certified under UL 291 for outdoor deployment and conforms to all current and proposed ADA specifications. Security features include and Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) with 3DES and the option to upgrade to UL 291 Level 1 vaults.

The 3700's rear-loaded dispenser provides ample note capacity and room to grow in the future (up to 4 cassettes). Other features include a stainless steel surround, a 10.4-inch color LCD display, metalized keypad, multi-position rear maintenance touchscreen control, and both TCP/IP and dial-up communications.


3700 Dimensions

3700 (Walk-up) :
Height: 63.62 ", Width: 24.37 ", Depth: 39.15" (overall dimension for the 3700 walk-up version)



  UL 291 Business Hours Vault (Standard) UL 291 Level 1 Vault (option)
Unit 360 lbs.* 821 lbs.*
Packing and Pallet 33 lbs. 33 lbs.
Shipping Weight 393 lbs.** 854 lbs.**

* Without dispenser or cassettes
** Add the appropriate dispenser weight from below plus 11 lbs. for each cassette:

Single dispenser: 49 lbs.
2 cassette dispenser: 71 lbs.
3 cassette dispenser: 93 lbs.
4 cassette dispenser: 115 lbs.

Operating Range :

  Inside Building Outside Building
Temperature Range 50F to 100F -30F to 125 F
Relative Humidity 20% to 80% at 90F
20% to 55% at 100F
10% to 100%
Max Humidity Change Rate 10% per hour 10% per hour
Max Dew Point 84F  

Power Requirements: 100-127/200-250 VAC, 8.0 AMP, 50/60 Hz.

Power Connections:
Using the surge protector supplied with the ATM eliminates the need and expense of installing a dedicated electrical circuit. If the ATM is installed without the surge protector, a dedicated grounded circuit shall be required to validate the warranty. Although the surge protector eliminates the need for a dedicated electrical circuit, a grounded circuit will be required to receive the warranty supplied by the surge protector manufacturer.

Phone Line Requirements:
The Model 3700 ATM shall be connected to a dedicated phone line. This line shall be a direct "TONE" or "PULSE" line equipped with a standard telephone wall jack (RJ-11C). This line shall not be shared with any other equipment at the location.

3700 Features
Standard Features (3700 & 3700d)
Embedded PC Using Intel XScale 32-Bit Processor
Windows CE Operating System
64MB On Board Flash Memory (32MB SDRAM)
Compact Flash Port (32MB Compact Flash Card Included)
Fully Weatherized and Certified Under UL 291 for Outdoor Use
UL 291 Business Hours Vault
Rear-Load Dispenser with One (1) High Capacity Cassette
10.4" Color LCD Display (640 x 480 Resolution)
Multi-Position Rear Maintenance Control (Touchscreen)
Dial Combination Vault Lock
Dip-Style Card Reader (Upgradeable to Smart Card Technology)
56k Baud Modem (Both Dial-up and TCP/IP Communications Standard)
Thermal Graphics Printer with Presenter(80mm Width Paper)
64 MB On Board Memory
Integrated ATM Sign with Light Kit
Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) with 3DES
Metalized Keypad
ADA Compliant Including Hardware for Private Audio Transactions
Electronic Journal via Compact Flash
Surge Suppressor

Additional Standard Features (3700d - Drive Up Configuration Only)
10.4" Bright LCD Display
Internal Heater/Fan (Environmental Control)
Does NOT have the Integrated ATM Sign

Optional Features
UL 291 Level 1 Vault
Additional Feed Modules and Cassettes (Maximum 4 Cassettes on the 3700 Walk-up and 2 Cassettes on the 3700d Drive-up)
Locking Cash Cassettes
CashWorks Check Cashing License
10.4" Bright LCD Display (Standard on 3700d)
Temperature Control
Internal Heater/Fan - Environmental Control (Standard on 3700d)
Electronic Vault Lock with Battery
Cencon System 2000 Electronic Lock


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