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Features of the RT2000

Single and multi-cassette options

• 5.7" mono display or optional 6.5"
color display


• 80mm thermal printer with presenter
• 64 MB RAM standard

• Microsoft Windows® operating
system supports file formats for
adding custom logos and ads

• Intel XScale® 32-bit processor

• One USB device port
• Four USB master ports

• Two PCMCIA card slots (one occupied by

• Five serial ports

• Dial-up 56k baud internationally certified
modem and TCP/IP communications
standard, wireless optional

• Dip-style card reader, optional EMV
smart card or motorized card reader

• Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

• Audio transactions for the visually

• Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) to comply with
all international encryption standards,
Triple DES compliant


• UL 291 Business Hours Service Cabinet

• Manual lock standard, optional electronic
or Kaba® Mas Cencon lock

• Multi-lingual capabilities

• LED lead-through indicators

• Advertising revenue potential:
Decal and signage
Transaction screen


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