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For years, the ATM industry has trusted Triton for innovative technology that’s practical and cost efficient.

Triton has delivered again with the FT5000, a versatile through-the-wall ATM that offers high performance for a surprisingly low investment.

The PC-based FT5000 includes Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP), rear access, and full ADA and Triple DES compliance. Planned enhancements include support for XFS, emulation and a variety of communication protocols. But what makes the Triton model FT5000 most popular with banks and credit unions is its highly cost-efficient operation. Financial institutions can choose drive-up or walk-up configurations with one to four cassettes based on transaction volumes.

You can count on the reliable operation that has made Triton a leader in the industry. Plus, the PC based Windows® operating system makes possible a long list of revenue generating value-added services. Performance. Reliability. Easy, inexpensive service. Thanks to Triton, there’s finally a through the wall unit made just for you. A high volume, reliable through-the-wall ATM you can afford.


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